white heart inbetweeniesWhat shoe do you need? Beautiful Soles offers 3 options for all crawlers, cruisers & walkers.
Our First Steps cover 3 – 18 month yr old and 100% leather with soft soles. They are designed to protect and nurture little feet and are crafted from 100% quality leather with a soft suede sole for added grip. All Beautiful Soles First Steps are durable, hand washable and have soft elastic tops for a snug fit. The soft soles help your little one feel the floor so first steppers and new walkers gain confidence with comfort.
Our Inbetweenie Steps featured here are great for 6 – 24 months. Our inbetweenie range is perfect for children who are not quite ready for a rubber sole but have already moved on from the soft sole, hence the name! 100% quality leather with rubber pads on the sole for added protection.
Our Next Steps range take your new walker up to the next level. Made with 100% quality leather our benefits include wider toes than most brands so the foot is able to spread and super flexible rubber soles so your child can run, jump & play without heavy, cumbersome shoes.


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