The Who & The Why!

Hello! Welcome to Beautiful Soles, thanks so much for stopping by, we hope you love our shoes as much as we do!

love_lucy_aliA bit about Beautiful Soles….myself, Alison Henry (right) and my gorgeous friend Lucy Jackson (left) had been friends for many years after meeting when we both had “normal” corporate jobs. We had our children at around the same time, my beautiful boy Elijah and Lucy’s lovely Madeline, who now also has a cute little brother Bruno.

First Steps, the soft sole side of our business is how we started and is at the core of our foot health passion! We started Beautiful Soles in 2005 & the inspiration was my daughter Madeline who sadly contracted a bone infection as a newborn. Thankfully the surgeon was able to save her leg but told us that she may have trouble learning to walk. When she started to crawl Lucy began to research what type of shoes were recommended for a first shoe. It was unanimous that soft sole leather shoes were the right way to go so off she went to the shops. It was not as easy as she had thought…5 shops later she found an overseas brand for $52 (gulp). She did not love the colour or design but there were no other choices. So Lucy & I got busy designing a fun but classic affordable range of soft sole shoes and hey presto…Beautiful Soles was born!

Maddie & Elijah on our first photo shoot in 2006 (she was peeling size labels off all day)
Maddie & Elijah on our first photo shoot in 2006 (she was peeling size labels off all day)

Due to increasing popularity the range has now been expanded to include ‘Inbetweenies’ which soles are little sturdier than First Steps and therefore suitable for children who are not quite ready for a full rubber sole but have moved on from soft soles and ‘Next Steps’ which have a fully flexible rubber sole for busy little feet that are experienced walkers (and runners). Although our designs are fun and colourful – we will never lose sight of our original ethos that Foot Health comes first, and Fashion is a close second.

Bruno modelling at skate park
Bruno modelling at skate park

Due to location changes and time passing, sadly Lucy has moved onto other things but she is still definitely a part of the Beautiful Soles legacy and I still refer the business as our business. Before she left, Lucy was an integral part of setting up our Beyond Beautiful Boutqiue. After chatting with mums and dads at the markets and expo’s we attend, so often we would hear women say they wanted to have their own business just like ours but didn’t know where to start, or didn’t have the money to get it started, so in 2012 we launched Beyond Beautiful Boutique. Beyond Beautiful is a home based business that allows people to run their own mini children’s store, set their own hours and make their own money without the start up risk – it’s been highly successful and we are proud of the growing team of consultants across Australia, Ireland and soon the rest of the world!

We know that buying online can be scary so you can contact your local Beyond Beautiful consultant, but if that’s not possible then we hope we have made online shopping as friendly as possible! Please look at our testimonials and facebook pages to hear from past customers. We have all our measurements available and we now offer free return postage – just in case!

Love Ali  xx

Beautiful Soles is a proud supporter of all the Beautiful Souls with Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome 22q11 Deletion. VCFS affects 1:2000 births – you can find out more