The Who & The Why!

Maddie & Elijah on our first photo shoot in 2006 (she was peeling size labels off all day)
Maddie & Elijah on our first photo shoot in 2006 (she was peeling size labels off all day)

About Us

Here at Beautiful Soles, we are passionate about little feet and putting the right shoes on little feet!

Where it all began!

Our Beautiful Soles journey started 2005 when my gorgeous friend (Lucy) & I had our first babies, Madeline & Elijah. Desperate to come up with some solution that didn’t require us returning to our “corporate” world, we brainstormed continuously. Little were we to know that Maddy would become the inspiration behind Beautiful Soles. Having contracted a bone infection in her leg as a newborn, much research was conducted when it came time for Maddie’s first shoes. Soft soles were 100% the way to go however finding these on the Northern Beaches of NSW proved difficult. 5 shops later, the only pair that could be found at $52 a pair were a pastel yellow and had fluffy ducks on the front. Not quite what we were imagining.

So, Beautiful Soles was born from necessity, and wanting a fun, classic yet affordable range of soft sole shoes! Goodbye corporate world!!

Beautiful Soles has certainly expanded since those days. I am now treading the Beautiful Soles path solo and our range not only covers soft soles but now includes our Inbetweenie range & our Next Steps shoes so we can cover all levels of development with great quality shoes, which are 100% designed by Beautiful Soles.

In October 2015 Beautiful Soles opened it’s first collaborative retail store in my home town, Nowra on the beautiful South Coast. It is a unique retail concept where, amongst other things, you can purchase great shoes for cool kids. So if you are ever on the South Coast, make sure you pop in to the shop and say hi!

I’d love to see you!!

Love Ali xx

Bruno modelling at skate park

Beautiful Soles is a proud supporter of all the Beautiful Souls with Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome 22q11 Deletion. VCFS affects 1:2000 births – you can find out more