“Dear Ali,  …you have been amazing to deal with and I will be recommending Beautiful Soles to anyone looking for shoes that are just too cute!!  Take care & again thanks, Belinda (Mum of Eleanor)

Thank you so much for getting my order out so quickly. My grand daughter received her shoes (the aqua peep toe ) this morning and she loves them so thank you. I know where to come for my next purchase of shoes for the grandchildren.  Thank you again. “Ann (Penrith NSW)

Very happy with new shoes!  Here is a pic of our beautiful girl walking in her pink boltz. She loves them! Thanks again for your wonderful customer service.”  Kirsty (via Facebook)

“Thanks so much for the kids sunglasses – received them today and they’re great! Thanks for posting them so quickly!” Sandra, Via Facebook)

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the shoes, they are lovely.  Thomas has worn them a couple of times already and they look great.” Aggie, (NSW)

“Thanks so much Ali, such a pleasure to do business with! I will continue to recommend you to my friends.” (Bronwyn, VIC)

“They arrived this morning & Jasmine kept saying ‘shoes shoes shoes’ so shes been wearing them ever since (even sleeping) I think that is a success!” Jessica (Via Facebook)

“The shoes arrived this morning and are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Ali”   Jennifer (Hurlstone Park, NSW)

“Hi, Just wanted to say that my little girls first pair of beautiful soles just arrived and we just loved them – so soft and comfortable. Thanks for the great service. We will probably be back for the silver sandals next!” Diana (via Facebook)

“That sale was fantastic but even at their full price your shoes are great value for money. Will be recommending you and buying your shoes as gifts for new arrivals for sure. Love them!!” Priscilla (via Facebook)

“Just wanted to thank you for such a pleasant and efficient transaction! The shoes arrived and are gorgeous.  Thanks again and best regards”  Kate (Box Hill South, Vic) 

“Just thought I would send you a pic of Dan enjoying his beautiful soles!! I have just ordered another pair :o) Thank you!” Melanie & Dan (Sydney, NSW)

“Hi there beautiful soles,  I met you both at the Melbourne baby show a little while ago & was lucky enough to buy your last pair of silver sneakers- I must say they are FABULOUS & she gets compliments about them every single time!!! we try to co-ordinate each outfit just so we can wear the shoes & she does look super cool & now i only wish i could get a matching pair!!  So glad Ive found your shoes as they are the perfect present for all of my friends who are breeding!  Thanks again!”  Vicky & Grace (Melbourne, VIC)

“Thank you. My 1 year old has a pair and we love them so we are sharing the love by sending his Irish cousin a pair for his first birthday.” Kristi (Sydney, NSW)

“Thank you so much for my lovely prize of beautiful soles, I will attempt to get a nice pic of Luka in his shoes asap and send it on to you for your website. Thanks again for the gorgeous shoes and again sorry for the delay in letting you know they arrived and that we love them.” Amy & Luka

Thanks for sending my shoes they arrived today – also I handed out the brochures at mothers group just now so hopefully you will get some calls – everyone thought the shoes were gorgeous….and we agreed the best thing of all is that it’s difficult for the little darlings to pull the shoes off which is very handy – can’t tell you the number of shoes I have lost I seem to always come out of shops with one or both shoes missing” Kate (Sydney, NSW)

“I’m back again for more shoes! Not for Riley this time though. I’ve decided that since we loved them so much, they’d make a fantastic present for friends of mine who have just had a baby.” Kristy and Riley (Cammeray, NSW)

“I received the lovely sandals last Friday and Max loves them, he has only been walking for about three weeks and these little shoes are wonderful.  I have enclosed a heap of photos for you, he is a beautiful boy.  I will be ordering another pair of sandals soon because these are never off his feet.” Suzanne, Max’s grandma (Peregian Beach, QLD)

“Hi Lucy – just a quick note to thank you so, so much for sending the shoes so promptly. The new ones will be perfect for his party. Attached is a recent photo of Lachlan playing with his sneakers on, Thanks Again!” Sascha (Neautral Bay, NSW)

“Thank you Alison for such great service!  I know that our friends will just love the shoes.” Jacqui (Yandoit, VIC)

“Thanks Alison – we love them so much I’ve recommended them to all my friends to buy online (they aren’t retailed in Perth).  By the way – the beautiful way the shoes are packaged is very special and a great incentive to buy for friends.” Dominique (Perth, WA)

“Maxx has big feet for his age & living up in the NT, the product range in shops is limited or non existant for flexible soled shoes.  These shoes are exactly what I was looking for.  Maxx loves them & I thought I’d get 2 more pairs before his feet extend again!!” Jenny (Noonamah, NT)

 “Next best thing to bare feet! I was looking for something to protect my daughter’s little feet from the floor tiles in our apartment which get so cold with the air-conditioning on. Socks have no grip and are a potential slipping hazard. My friend, who is a paediatrician in the US, recommended leather soft-soled shoes as the next best thing to bare feet, so I thought I would try these out. I can honestly say that these shoes are one of the best things I have ever bought for my daughter! She is so comfortable in them – she never tries to take them off even if she’s had them on all day. They are made of natural materials, which makes them breathable and allows her feet to grow naturally. The suede sole are extremely flexible and non-slip, so I don’t have to worry about her slipping while she is busy running around in the apartment. Bubs Boutique offers a great range of cute styles and their customer service is excellent! This type of shoe is not easily available in Dubai, especially for children over 12 months, so I really applaud Paula and Kirsten for offering these in a larger size. I defintely plan to buy my daughter another pair when she outgrows these ones, and I have recommended them to all my friends and family.” Erum (Dubai, UAE) c/o www.bubsboutique.com

“I passed your card around to everyone at my Mothers Group and I know that a couple of the Mums have bought your shoes now.  Riley gets SO many comments on his sneakers and I’ve just ordered a second pair from your website. I think they’re just so gorgeous, and they’re the only way to keep his feet warm seeing as though he won’t keep a pair of socks on nowdays.  Just thought it was time to officially say thanks for his first pair of shoes.” Kristy and Riley (Cameray, NSW) Look out for another Riley in our photo gallery!

“Thanks for the great shoes… Reilly loves them!! (And so do I!!).  I will certainly be passing on your web-site and flyers to those that I know who will be looking for shoes in the near future – and I will be back for the next lot too!! Thanks again” Rachel and Reilly (QLD) Look out for Reilly in our photo gallery!

“Thanks for the letter and shoes Lucy. You have been most helpful. Good Luck with your future sales.” Jo (NSW)

“Thanks – the shoes are absolutely brilliant! They work really well.  I will certainly be back for more as Roma’s feet grow!” Nyanda (Bassendean WA) Look out for beautiful little Roma wearing her new Ruby MJ’s in our gallery!

“Thank you so much. I will definately tell all the girls in my mothers group. I just loved the shoes we got this morning and couldn’t resist buying 2 more pairs!!  I can almost guarantee I will be back to buy more!” Belinda (NSW)

The shoes are even cuter in real life!” Jade @ Kidorable in WA

“Just to let you know I got the shoes. They are great! Thanks for such wonderful quick service” April (QLD)

Guess who else loves Beautiful Soles?  Mini Gaga – Sending you gaga with beautiful things for baby – they are Going Gaga about Beautiful Soles: Check it out

“I totally love my daughters shoes that I received today. Thank you!” Jane (NSW)

“I love them so much. They look so cute on her! ” Michelle (NSW)

“Just wanted to say thank you very much, I did receive the replacement pair of shoes and they are perfect. Thank you for  being so understanding and for your prompt and polite response. If anyone I know needs shoes I will be sure to recommend they visit your site.” Katerina (VIC)

 “I’ve been meaning to e-mail all this week to say how beautiful the shoes are – they’re so soft and fantastic quality.  I was also impressed with how quickly they arrived – they were in my letterbox within 24 hours of me ordering them online – fantastic!” Leah (Mum to Audrey, ACT)

  “I opened my eagerly awaited package today…Oh I love these shoes! As I said the previous size have been just awesome for a busy little one and now she is just starting to walk I will love her being in these soft shoes for a bit longer.” Deana (Highbury, SA)

“They arrived today Alison and they are just gorgeous, can’t wait to try them on him! 🙂 ” Honnie (Cleveland, QLD) Followed up quickly with “I had shoes like this for the first four, but they were always so hard to find and ridiculously expensive, I will be spreading the word about your lovely product.  He owns 4 pairs of shoes and he has refused point blank to walk in any of them! He got his Beautiful Soles today and instantly was marching around like a little soldier! I am biased but it was the most delightful sight! Now we can go to the park without me stressing out about what’s in the sand. Thank you so much.  We are so happy. Honnie:)

“He loves them & so do I!” Scott, Candice & Kody  (Tanunda SA) See Kody in our photo gallery

“I bought some gorgeous shoes for Tom from www.beautifulsoles.com.au. They arrived yesterday and I am really happy with them. They are lovely soft leather pre walkers with elasticised heels so they actually stay on! The designs are really cute as well. I ordered them on Thursday night and received them on Monday – great service.” Amanda (Mum to Tom, QLD)

Sarah Donges Director of The Beauty Tutor kindly gave us a mention on her blog recently.  “On top of Lucy’s charity work (for www.vcfsfa.org.au) and being a busy mum of two children she also has a very cute brand called Beautiful Soles.  They are 100% leather and come in an amazing array of colours.” http://www.thebeautytutor.com/blog.php (Press your Back Arrow to return to us).

Estella New York City wrote “I’ve been busy online these days, reading away and amazed at all the valuable information that’s out there. I recently came across a particularly good article on the correct way to shop for baby shoes and toddler shoes, an issue that is near and dear to my heart since I have gotten incorrect advice from so many of the “experts” at children’s shoe stores. Being that I am responsible for 30 little toes and 3 sets of feet, I decided to check with my pediatrician, whom I trust implicity. She gave me great advice and the following article, which is from www.beautifulsoles.com.au fleshes out much of what my doctor said.  Happy reading and thanks to Lucy who offered to share her work with us at Estella.”

Remarkably Great Stuff Worthy of Notice!!  That is what Emily thinks of Beautiful Soles! Thank you for another fantastic testimonial http://remarkablygreat.com/ (Press your Back Arrow to return to us).

The Savvy Body I have just found a wonderful testimonial on Beautiful Soles on this Pilates site http://www.thesavvybody.com/category/great-stuff-for-bodies/ Please follow the link to see what Karen had to say about Beautiful Soles! (Press your Back Arrow to return to us).

“Hey Lucy,  Thanks so much for the shoes – the girls in our committee loved them.  All the best, Belinda On behalf of Margie, her family and friends” Fundraiser (Terrey Hills, NSW)

 “I received my shoes today.  They are absolutely beautiful and my little girl loves them.  Before trying your shoes she would scream and fight me when I tried to put shoes on her. Today, not only did she put them on without a fuss, she walked all around the house testing them out looking at her feet and laughing.  Thank you very much for your beautiful product and your great customer service.” Leeanne (WA)

“Thanks again for your help.  I will definitely be coming back to your on-line store for shoes as my baby gets bigger!” Sara (VIC)

“Just received the ‘blue sneakers’ today….. they’re fantastic and look so cute.” Sarah (Mum to Billy, VIC)

“Thank you for posting them so quickly, we had them for the weekend and they were great!  I will be sure to send through some pics of Jacob wearing them.”  Kelly (Mum to Jacob, NSW)

“Just wanted to say that I love, love, love the shoes! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Thanks!” Lauren (Mum to Jasmine, 14 months ACT)

“…just wanted to say the shoes are awesome, your website is terrific and just love the gallery section….it’s a great idea.  I plan on getting some more in a few months for Lachie.  They are a terrific present idea too…sooo cute.  I will brag about your shoes to all my friends and handout your cards!” Melinda (Mum to Mitchell, 2 and Lachie, 4 months NSW)

“I had seen some soft leather shoes for babies in Canada and I was looking everywhere for them in Australia. I was very happy when I found your website. I love the Beautiful Soles because they are very stylish, for all occasions. I got my order the very next day in the mail. That was amazing. Thanks again.” Julie (Mum of Logan, 10 months NSW)

“My son loves the shoes and they are great for learning to walk.  Thanks very much for the excellent service; I will certainly be making more purchases in the near future with another baby on the way.” Gretta (VIC)

“I’m very excited about my purchase for my little girl. I came across your site by entering in ” toddler shoes” into Google and your site was pretty much on top of the list. I really liked your site plus the speedy response from yourself. very professional.” Kristi (NSW)

“Just wanted to say thank you – received the little package (excellent packaging btw.) and was absolutely delighted with the little shoes – these are my sons first shoes and I was a little worried about getting him a pair (shoes in general), but I am real happy with your Beautiful Soles, they have removed all my worries!
… but best of all, my son actually seems to enjoy wearing them 🙂    Thanks for a wonderful product – keep up the excellent work! ” Jake (Dad to Lucas, 19 mths QLD)

“I received my order several days ago and thoroughly understand why your shoes are called ‘Beautiful Soles’.  I have bought so many pairs of baby shoes that end up in a bottom drawer.  They were of course fabulous when I first got them, but upon closer inspection they end being too hard / too flimsy / too fussy / too smelly (!)..endless stream of problems.  Your shoes are superb, so soft, comfy, and thoughtfully constructed.
I am about to place another order for gifts!” Catherine (Mum of Romilly, 7 months)

“I just wanted to say the shoes arrived yesterday and I am thrilled.  Mackenzie has very chubby feet and until now I have not found any shoes that will fit her.  These shoes are just brilliant and look adorable.  I have just gone bought another two pairs.  :-)” Jodie (Mum of Mackenzie)

“OMG! How fantastic! I have just purchased a second pair of shoes for my little girl. We have recently moved from Darwin (where she only wore socks, as required) to Canberra (where shoes are essential). I have found I that I have to double sock her as she hates wearing shoes and would always take them off and now that she is walking it was becoming an issue. Put a pair of ‘Beautiful Soles’ on her and she is walking around everywhere and not even caring about the fact she has shoes on her little feet. She actually now sits and chatters to the little turtle design. Thank you for solving our shoe problem!!” Bronwyn (Mum of Leila, 12 mths, ACT)

“I love the shoes. I’ve bought 2 pairs and they are just adorable! They just finish off the outfit even if I dress Mia up in trackies, I’ll just put her sneakers on. I’ve bought shoes from Pumpkin Patch and Target, they are too hard to put on her little fragile feet and a waste of money. I would rather pay a little more knowing I’m not hurting Mia while trying to put on her shoes. Thank you – we both love Beautiful Sole shoes.” Mel (Mum of Mia 8 months old, NSW)

“I wanted to let you know that I have been searching the internet for a nice pair of leather shoes for my 7 month old daughter and your range had far nicer styles than anything else I had seen. Thanks again.” Nikki (NSW)

“Thank you – your shoes are wonderful. This is the second pair I’ve bought for Cooper, and they love them.” Sarah (Aunty of Cooper, 12 mths TAS)

“I had to buy a pair of Robeez at DJ’s one day as she left her shoes at home. While the design is similar I can tell you that the quality  is not.  The sole leather is too soft and flimsy, they are definitely meant for babies who do not get out and about.  Beautiful Soles are great as they are so robust, but still look lovely for those special occasions.” Tracey (Mum of Esther, NSW)

“Me and my daughter absolutely love “Beautiful Soles” shoes! It is the first pair that she can’t take off – probably she does not want to because she feels so comfortable in them. She is just learning to walk and the shoes are perfect on any surface. I love the style and the soft leather material – I wish they would come in my size too!” Karin (Mum of Alisa, 11 months NSW)

“Looking forward to spreading the word about your shoes. I love them and Neve hasn’t had them off her feet since we bought them. Can’t wait to give the new pair to my friends’ baby.” Trudi (NSW)

“Billy tells me they are so comfortable, its just like wearing slippers and they kept his feet nice and toasty at the footy today.” Lorraine (NSW)

“Thank you for your professional service!” Phoung (VIC)

“I can’t believe how fabulous they are. My little girl loves her new shoes and points to them constantly. She doesn’t want to take them off. Thank you sooo much!” Emily (WA)

“Hooray…I’ve been searching for these shoes everywhere! They are the best for shoes for babies & toddlers. Love the range….keep up the good work!” Tanya (NSW)

“Emma absolute loves them. She cries when I take them off at bedtime!” Jackie (NSW)

“They are gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait till I have kids to buy a few pairs for them.” Sara (NSW)

“Great website and very user-friendly!! Thank you so much for your quick service. My sister loved the shoes!” Monica (NSW)

“Thanks for arranging our gift & for being so helpful & prompt with all your replies.” Gina (NSW)

“I was given your company details by our nanny. She actually bought a pair of your shoes for my daughter Hannah, and I just love them and would like to order a pair for my niece for Christmas.” Alison (NSW)

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