Measure pageThe best way to determine the correct shoe size is to measuring your child’s feet. Please remember that every child’s size and development varies so the age ranges we have listed are to be used as a general guide for when measurements are not able to be taken.

To measure your child’s foot:SCHART_measure

1. If possible have baby stand on a piece of paper, you might need help with this as it is important that the child is weight bearing, rather than sitting, in order to get the correct measurement.

2. Mark at the heel and the longest toe on both feet, making sure toes are flat and not curled.

3. Measure with a ruler to get the length of the longest foot. Allow no more than 1.5cm extra for growth room.

4. Now you have the measurement in centimeters – click on the style of shoe you are interested in and a specialised sizing chart will be listed alongside it.

Or if you are on a Smart Devise you can download this free app: PitterPatter