Timber Boot Vintage Rose




Premium leather with a vintage, waxy finish, a contrasting ankle cuff and strap closure make the Timber a street-styled boot perfect for the cooler months. With excellent adjustability, this style is suited to most foot widths, but the beautiful qualities of premium leather are the real star of the show. Over time, the white wax finish rubs into the leather, rejuvenating it and giving the boot a whole new vintage look that gets finer with age!


100% leather upper with white wax finish

Adjustable strap closure to suit narrow, average + wide feet

Padded heel cuff for comfort

Hardwearing TPR sole provides durability + flex

Suitable for confident walkers

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EU 22, EU 23, EU 24, EU 25, EU 26, EU 27, EU 28, EU 29, EU 30, EU 31 / UK 12 / US 13, EU 32, EU 33 / UK 1 / US 2


EU 31 / UK 12 / US 13, EU 33 / UK 1 / US 2, EU 32, EU 29, EU 27, EU 26, EU 25, EU 24, EU 23, EU 22, EU 30, EU 28


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