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Beautiful Soles is a proud supporter of all the Beautiful Souls with Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome 22q11 Deletion.

What is it?

Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) or 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome is a genetic syndrome. It is the result of a submicroscopic deletion on the long arm of Chromosome 22 in the “q11” region- deletion 22q11.


  •  VCFS affects approx. 1 in 2000 persons making it the second most prevalent genetic syndrome after Down syndrome
  • VCFS is the most common genetic syndrome associated with cleft palates
  • VCFS is the second most common genetic syndrome associated with congenital heart defects
  • 99% of the VCFS population will have a learning difficulty or disability
  • 30% of the VCFS population will develop a mental illness. (Nearly half (45%) of the general population (non VCFS) in Australia will experience a mental disorder at some stage in their lives.)
  • VCFS has more than 180 anomalies associated with it
  • The name velo cardio facial syndrome comes from the Latin words “velum” meaning palate, “cardio” meaning heart and “facies” having to do with the face.

We volunteer for the foundation because Lucy’s son had life saving heart surgery at 3 days old and was then diagnosed with VCFS at 3 weeks. Along with several other wonderful parents the foundation is run from our homes in our spare time and are driven by the passion to lower the age of diagnosis and therefore ensure the correct medical advice is being given, in short – raise awareness for this common disorder.

If you are a family affected by 22q, or have simply been interested enough to read this far and learn about 22q Deletion then we would like to thank you with a 22% discount from our First Steps, Inbetweenie Steps and Next Steps ranges. Use the code ’22qhelp’ at the checkout.

Thank you!

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Beautiful Soles has also supported many charitable causes over the years including The Variety Club, Breast Cancer Foundation and lots of local good causes and events.

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