Beyond Beautiful Boutique

Beautiful Soles have been putting shoes on little feet since 2004 and found new mums always mentioning their desire to ‘work from home’ or ‘have their own business that fitted around the family’. So Beyond Beautiful Boutique was born to give people the opportunity to provide an income to the household without the risk and financial outlay that a start-up business would normally demand.

If you have a passion for children’s fashion find out more about having your own boutique business at

What consultants say about why they chose Beyond Beautiful Boutique over companies Tupperware, Avon, Lorraine Lea Linen, candles or jewellery:

“In my quest to find an exciting and flexible return to work opportunity following the birth of my son (now 7 months) I have recently come across Beyond Beautiful Boutique. After sifting through countless party plan, pyramid sales and commission based options I am genuinely excited by the structure, flexibility and freedom bBoutique offers.” Lyndsay

“I have more control than the usual direct selling business. With BBB I have no sales targets and I don’t have to have parties if I don’t want to. I wanted something I had control of, and I do with BBB”

“I like that there is no ongoing fees, I am able to keep all the profits, there was low start up pkg fees, running the ‘show’ myself.”

“Much more my style! Great Product, & more of a focus on markets than party plan type selling. No pressure to constantly ‘get sales’ and ‘book more parties’. The freedom to showcase these products in a more casual way.”  More testimonials here

Do you know someone else that would love to know more about Beyond Beautiful Boutique?

Refer a friend that has a passion for children’s fashion and wants to set up their own business and you’ll get $50 to spend on Beautiful Soles when they do!

Simply email with your friend’s name, location, email address and telephone number. We will contact them and if they decide to become part of the team then we will give you $50 voucher for

Please note that if two or more people enter the same name, the person who contacted us first via email will be eligible for the referral gift voucher.

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